6 Reasons Why Click&Dry™ is the world's finest nozzle innovation


1 - Avoid rattling and misalignments between swirl chamber and orifice 

The alignment between swirl and orifice is of paramount importance when it comes to consistency of quality through all drying operations

2 -  Reduce product build-up and bearding 

One of the biggest dairy producers in New Zealand has reduced bearding by 60% when using our nozzles, therefore increasing powder quality.

3 - Avoid scotched particle contamination and drier cleaning problems

Our clients are very satisfied with the quality of the powder produced after using our Drip Pro check valves.

4 - Increase safety compliance by minimising leakage potential 

Click&Dry has a smart assembly logic that the nozzle can be only assembled one way, the right way!

5 - Decrease threat damage

Click&Dry nozzles were designed with heavy duty threads and anti-galling material which are highly resistant to normal impact damage during lance handling. 

6 - Reduce operating costs by reducing wear part consumption

Click&Dry removes the need for direct press force contact when removing fouled wear parts and eliminate the need for inappropriate removal tools which result in high breakage of wear parts.